Psychometric profiling – it’s not about identifying psychos!

OK, we have to admit – it may be one reason employers might want to delve a little deeper into a candidate’s psyche, but psychometric profiling offers far more than identifying the more eccentric applicants!

If you’ve never used psychometric profiling on job candidates before, we thought you might like to hear our ideas on how it can give you the edge in finding the right person for your role.



Being fore-armed with the additional knowledge these tests can provide helps bring out the best at interview stage, or put your mind at ease about possible conflicts.  Having candidates’ psychometric profiles in advance of an interview can help you tailor your questions more precisely, so:

  • potential problems can be explored, maybe even resolved
  • positive aspects of a candidate’s personality can be investigated
  • a person’s true potential can be tapped



Recruitment isn’t just about finding someone with the right skills to physically ‘do the job’ – it’s about finding the right fit for your organisation and can be helpful when recruiting at any level in the company’s structure to:

  • find someone who is compatible with the company ethos and culture
  • employ a workforce that will enrich, not devalue, your work environment
  • recruit on values, as much as experience and aptitude.



Psychometric profiling has far-reaching benefits in optimising a candidate’s ongoing performance.  For example, if someone is starting in a junior role but you know they have great leadership qualities, this might help you steer their development path.  You can:

  • Identify potential early
  • Understand the best way to tap into that potential
  • Make an informed choice that will benefit your company’s future, as well as its present

There’s also an argument for running existing employees through the test.  This can help you:

  • Benchmark a brilliant employee to match their profile in new candidates
  • Work to team members’ strengths and distribute tasks correctly
  • Understand and communicate with your team better

Why not use it as part of your next team building day?

We can offer classic psychometric profiling from as little as £30 per person/candidate.  A small investment, we think, for potentially big gain.

Speak to our advisors on 01902 907123 to find out more.

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