Are you prepared for the hunt?

technology, searching system and internet concept - male hand prIn the majority of cases, we expect job candidates to be the ones to do the ‘preparing’ in the recruitment process.  They need to tailor their CV, do their homework on your company and turn up prepared for the interview.

But, have you ever considered that you might need to prepare before embarking on a recruitment campaign?

If you’re looking for a very specific candidate and are considering a headhunt campaign – you’ll be as open to scrutiny by potential applicants as most candidates are in the ‘usual’ recruitment process.

So, we thought we’d share our top three suggestions to help you make sure you’re attractive enough to lure the best talent to your business.

123bullets-1Get Google-ready

It’s expected that anyone looking at a potential new job with you will do some research on your company.  When you’re approaching a top-line executive, you can guarantee they’ll do some pretty in-depth digging.   And their first port of call will probably be to Google you.

You may not think to do this on a regular basis, but it’s wise to know – at any time – what a Google search of your company name brings up.  Not just to see where you ‘rank’, whether you appear on the first page of search results, but to see what else might appear…

  • Has your company hit the headlines for any reason in the past? If it’s publicity for an award win, that’s all well and good, but if there’s bad press out there about a job cull or financial difficulties… that’s a different kettle of fish.  You may need to have answers at the ready to explain the situation.
  • Is there a company, organisation, campaign or anything else out there with a similar name to your company? You might want to check it’s not causing online confusion! A toy company with the name ‘Bear Necessities’, for example, may not be found for references to The Jungle Book… or other things.  It’s definitely worth knowing what potential candidates may have to sift through to find you.
  • Or, possibly the worst case scenario, is there nothing online about you at all? That certainly wouldn’t create a great impression.  Would you want to work for a non-entity?

123bullets-2Be socially acceptable

Any potential candidate worth their salt, will not only search your company – they’ll search you too!

We commented on how recruiters can use social media sites to vet potential employees in this previous post, but social stalking can work both ways!  What could your ideal candidate discover about their prospective employers if they spread their net on the net? Is your Linked In profile perfectly presented? Have you protected your personal life from scrutiny on Facebook? Could your tweets be a total turn-off?

It might be worthwhile doing a bit of social stalking yourself closer to home, with some of your company directors and managers….

123bullets-3Approach with caution

Perhaps the biggest thing you have to prepare for, and absolutely get right when headhunting a potential job candidate, is your initial approach.  We can’t emphasise this enough!

You will need to:

  • Really do your homework on the person, their current company, their role, their reputation -and try and work out what motivates them.  You have to find the hook…  Have they reached the top of the tree where they are, and may be looking for a new challenge?  Are they money motivated or driven by the fact that they are making a difference?  Is the company they work for in difficulty, could they be looking for greater job security?  Glean as much as you can to get your offering pitch perfect.
  • Remember that any conversations regarding a job change will have to be conducted at their convenience, and in the strictest confidence.  Working out when to approach them is as important as how.
  • Work on gaining their trust from your very first conversation.  They will need to feel a rapport if they are to consider any kind of future with you – and they will absolutely need to be secure in the fact that you will proceed with the utmost professionalism.

This all may sound like a lot of hard work, but you have to consider the benefits if you manage to entice the perfect person into your business.

Don’t forget, we can help with the lot!

If you’re at all unsure how you may come across to potential candidates, we can offer our advice and suggestions as an impartial ‘outsider’.

We can do the leg work when it comes to headhunting your ideal person – and we’re great at doing the talking in that all important first approach.

You can find out more details about our headhunt recruitment campaigns here.

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