Temps are just for Christmas… or are they?

The festive season isn’t full of fun for everyone… it can cause headaches for businesses caught up in the hustle and bustle of the Christmas rush.

Think of the retailers, couriers, restaurants and bars who are run off their feet in the run up to the big day. They don’t have magic dust to sprinkle to smooth the yuletide workload like Santa’s elves – but what they can have is the helping hand of a temporary workforce.

It’s a time temps really come into their own and, unlike the doe-eyed little dogs we see in the Christmas ‘pets are not for Christmas’ adverts, you don’t have to feel guilty about turning them away once the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve.

But it’s not the only time temps can be a real boon in business.  Here’s our lowdown on the top three reasons temps are not just for Christmas.

123bullets-1The unexpected occasions

It’s easy to plan for expected busy periods and special occasions like Christmas, but what about those sudden and unexpected occurrences? You don’t want the unplanned absence of a key staff member to take the shine off your brilliant business plans, or the good news of a massive new order to be overshadowed by concern for how to fulfil it.

The flexibility of temporary workers can be a cost effective way of filling a gap at short notice, at any time of year, with the added benefits that:

  • you don’t have to commit to long-term salaries.
  • there are no payroll costs as this is all handled by the temp agency.
  • if managed properly, there are no employment liabilities.

123bullets-2Holding the fort

Legally, you have to keep a position open for employees on long term sick or maternity leave – in case they decide to return. That doesn’t mean that you have to suffer with nobody in-post getting the job done.  Simply hire someone on a temporary contract to ensure that the pressure of additional workload doesn’t impact your remaining team members.

123bullets-3Progressing a project

Project work is often overlooked as a great reason to get a temp in for a fixed term contract.  Larger corporates are accustomed to using contractors for specific projects, or to fill skills gaps, but it can work very effectively for SMEs too.  Many a project gets put on the backburner because of time constraints, which can be costly if they are potential revenue generators.  So, we suggest you turn to a temp! Either get somebody in with the expertise to handle the project, or get someone to take tasks off the appropriate employee to free them up to complete it.

Recruit 123 can provide short and long term personnel to fulfil roles in the following business sectors: IT, Sales & Commercial, Engineering & Technical, Finance & Accounts, Management & Executive.

Don’t just give us a jingle bell at Christmas, call on us any time of the year if you’ve been dropped in the doo-doo or use our free pre-booking service for planned cover or projects.

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