Capitalise on the 2015 employee exodus

According to a survey by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), as reported in this article by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, more than a third of employees plan to change their job in 2015.

We would add to that and say – you can bet that most of them will be considering it right now, in the first couple of months of the new year.

This is surely great news for those looking to search out new talent? All those people sifting through job adverts looking for their next step up the career ladder?

It is, but if you want to make sure you’re capitalising on this mass exodus – we suggest you read further than the headline and heed the additional points made in the CIPD article. The research gives valuable information on why people are looking to leave their existing jobs, and what they’re looking for in a new role.

You might be surprised, and possibly pleased, to hear it’s not all about flashing the cash!

Here’s our top three tips on how you can tap into these insights to attract great talent to your business.

123bullets-1Offer development opportunities

We tend to assume an increase in salary will be the highest priority for movers and shakers, but this survey suggests otherwise:

“Almost three-fifths of respondents (59 per cent) want more development opportunities, compared to 56 per cent of employees hoping for an increase in salary.”

If you can demonstrate in your advert that the role has much wider scope in terms of advancement, waving the promotion opportunity carrot or talking about the potential for business expansion that could lead to a meatier role, this could do far more to attract high-calibre candidates than a plumped up pay packet.

123bullets-2Value your employees

It’s also important to note:

“The survey also revealed that staff are feeling increasingly undervalued by their managers, with 25 per cent of those planning to leave because they feel underappreciated in their current role.”

How can you exploit this? Simple! Don’t be shy in singing your own praises as a company with a great employer ethos. Demonstrate your caring culture and entice with employee rewards and recognition.

Or, if this isn’t an area you currently excel in – perhaps it’s time to rethink your own priorities?

As Charles Elvin, ILM chief executive, says: “All staff want to feel that they are appreciated by their organisation so it’s crucial that companies actively recognise the efforts and talents of their employees.

“Companies may want to adapt to this new improved climate, by acknowledging where staff have excelled and moulding opportunities for them to advance.”

123bullets-3Get the balance right

Although this isn’t as high on the list as we might have thought, there are still nearly a fifth of respondents seeking greater flexibility in their job.

“18 per cent of respondents to the 2015 survey said more opportunities for flexible working was a priority for them when looking for a new role, and 3 per cent are looking for better options for parental leave.”

We all understand the adage of ‘work to live, not live to work’ don’t we?  Employers will ultimately reap the rewards of a less stressed, happier workforce if they help people achieve the right work-life balance.  If you’re doing this well – make sure potential candidates are aware of it.

The main point to remember…

The main point to remember in all of this – make sure you address these issues in your initial advert! It’s no good having a fantastic company ethos, offering great development opportunities for employees and lots of flexibility if you don’t shout about it! Shout loud and proud and do it straight away. Don’t save it for the interview – these are great lures to get the best candidates applying.

We’re sure we’ve said this before but, we’ll say it again.  Writing a great recruitment advert is a skill. Luckily, we’re here to help…

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