Recruiters, are you looking for your perfect match?

They say there’s the ideal person out there for everyone.  Well, we believe that’s true of job candidates too! There really is the perfect match for your organisation and job vacancy, but you have to know where to look to find them – and how to attract them to you!

In this month of love, why not go on the charm offensive to pull the candidate of your dreams?

Here’s our top three tips on how you can catch the eye of that perfect person – who will love to be a part of your team.

1 in heartFind the right dating sites

Online dating is the way forward! No-one goes to singles bars any more to find a partner in life – just as job candidates no longer search the local press for vacancies. Why limit yourself to a small pool when you can spread your net far and wide on the web?  It’s all at their fingertips with social and online sites, so you need to make sure you’re present in the right places.  Make sure you’re targeting the right online job sites and using social media to enhance your search – and ultimately your prospects of finding your match.  But where social stalking might be a big no no on a personal level, on a professional level, it can be a good thing! Here’s how you can use social media to vet potential matches.

2 in heartWrite an impressive love note

When looking for an ideal date, would you type out a ‘job description’ for a partner? Surely the best way to attract the right person is by telling them what you can offer them?   OK, so you do need someone with a certain set of skills to fulfill a job vacancy, just like you’re looking for certain attributes in a partner, but how you package that into an appealing advert makes all the difference in drawing the right attention. There should certainly be a ‘hook’.  Why should somebody feel passion for your company? Like the language of love, it can be a delicate balancing act. You have to work in the right keywords and phrases for the recruitment search algorithms, include a brief overview of the role, essential skills and experience required, similar job titles as keywords, salary range & benefits, and a call to action – but it has to be worded like a love letter that sends a candidates heart a-flutter.

3 in heartFollow the laws of attraction

The law of attraction suggests that ‘like attracts like’. If you send out messages of positivity, for example, you will attract positive people. This is just as relevant to finding a perfect job match as it is to finding a love match. Do you want passionate people to apply? Then show them you’re an organisation that will be passionate about them and their future.  Want someone of worth? Then show them you’re worthy of their attention. Check this checklist on making yourself an attractive prospect.

Of course, if you want a little help from a matchmaker – we’re the perfect partner in helping to create passionate partnerships.  Get in touch and you’ll love what we do.

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