It is possible to catch a big fish for your smaller pond…

businessman holding small and big gold fish together in the fishJust because you’re not a multi-million pound conglomerate with an office full of gadgets to rival Google’s, doesn’t mean you can’t aim high when looking to attract top talent into a leadership role.

If you’re a smaller company with a lot to offer, and want to reel in the expertise and business prowess of a major player to help take your company up a notch, what’s stopping you?

Believe it or not, high-flying executives often like the idea of playing a bigger part in the success and growth of a smaller company, rather than being a cog in a large machine.

Simply take note of our top tips on how to make  a  splash, get noticed and watch the big fish bite.

123bullets-1Offer autonomy

If you’re bringing someone in because they have vast knowledge and experience, let them use it!  Be prepared to bend your usual work practices and routines a little – or let them introduce changes if it will be for the benefit of the company.  Of course you need some control, but setting a clearly defined brief stating what you expect them to achieve, and having initial discussions on strategy will often be enough.  Then let them get on with it.  They will rarely want to ‘fit in’ with what you’ve always done.

123bullets-2Prepare before you cast off

Before you go fishing, you need to prepare! For most job roles, you expect the preparation to be done by the candidate.  They need to tailor their CV, do their homework on your company and turn up prepared for the interview. But, have you ever considered that you might need to prepare before embarking on a recruitment campaign?

If you’re looking for the cream of the crop – you need to make sure you’re an attractive prospect as a potential employer. Read our previous blog post, ‘Are you prepared for the hunt?’ here.

123bullets-3Proffer rewards and recognition

Many experienced executives are willing to take a considerable reduction in basic salary to satisfy other drivers in their work-life.  However, you will need to pay a reasonable salary commensurate to the job role, keeping the benefits their experience can bring to your company in mind.  Putting an incentive scheme in place to reward them financially based on results will also show them their hard work will be recognised, and motivate them further to achieve. And, in terms of recognition, don’t stop there.  You’d be surprised how far a simple thank you will go! Showing your appreciation for their input and dedication to your company, making them feel valued, can be just as important as offering bonuses.  In fact, this may be one of the big things they were missing in their former big role.

Of course, if you need help with your big fish quest, we can help you bait your hook and cast your net.  Our headhunt recruitment campaigns can help you catch the perfect whopper.  Find out more here, or give us a call.

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