Help your recruitment agency to help you recruit!

Black African American Ethnicity Frustrated Woman Working In StrRecruitment agencies can sometimes get a bad rap. It’s true.

HR managers and company directors can get frustrated when they employ a recruitment agency to fill a job vacancy – then the candidates put forward don’t match expectations, or they think the recruitment process is taking longer than it should, or they don’t feel like they are the recruiter’s priority.

But the truth of the matter is, bringing in a recruiter is like bringing in any type of expert that you want to help your business. The key to success is in working together to achieve the desired outcome.

Let’s face it, you wouldn’t expect a business advisor to work miracles with your business without first giving them the in-depth knowledge they need about your company, would you?

Recruitment agencies can only work with the information they’re given and it’s imperative that you help them, so that they can help you.

So, we’re inviting you to employ our many years’ experience in the recruitment field to help you get the best results from your recruitment agency, and your next recruitment campaign.

Here are our top three tips on helping your recruitment agency to help you recruit.

123bullets-1Invest time in the relationship

To ensure a quality recruitment process, it’s not about paying your money and leaving your recruiter to it. You do have to invest some time in building the relationship so you understand each other. Your recruiter needs an understanding ofnot just the industry and work you do, and the job specs they’re recruiting for, but also your company ethos, the benefits of working for you that extend beyond the pay packet, and the type of people that will gel well in your team. After all, they’re going to have to sell your company to prospective candidates and you want them to be able to do that as well as you could.

Let your recruitment consultants come and see you and meet some of the key people in your organisation. Meet quarterly or bi-annually (more frequently if you recruit very regularly), even when there are no current vacancies to fill so you can forecast, share best practice, and generally get to know each other better.

123bullets-2Provide candid feedback on candidates

Your recruiter needs to know, very honestly, what you think of the candidates they’re putting in front of you. They will be beavering away in the background hunting down what they consider to be the best possible calibre of applicant. So, when a CV arrives on your desk, please take the time to not only look at it, but get in touch with your recruiter and discuss it. Are they on the right lines or do you need to hone the skills and person spec further? Thorough and timely feedback is key to facilitate a smooth recruitment process.

123bullets-3Discuss your expectations

Sometimes the biggest stumbling block to the recruiter/employer relationship is expectation, so it’s good to have this discussion early! Remember, the service you get will be related to the price you’re willing to pay, so it’s no good opting for the budget recruitment package and expecting the full bells and whistles service. Recruiters simply can’t work that way. Decide on a budget that’s acceptable to you and ask what exactly you can expect for that budget. Does it include a dedicated recruitment campaign manager? Will your recruitment agency conduct screening interviews in the price? Is there any kind of guarantee period built-in in case the chosen candidate leaves the role for any reason shortly after their commencement date? Knowing all of this in advance will help curb any frustrations down the line.

And agree timescales too. Try to gain an understanding of how the process works from the recruiter perspective. There isn’t a quick fix to finding the perfect person for a role – it does take time and effort, but your recruitment agency should be able to tell you what will be happening when and give you estimated times for each stage of the process.

Of course, it’s also crucial to find a recruitment agency you trust. An agency with long-standing experience, a great reputation, and recruiters you can get on with…..

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