Is free recruitment advertising costing you more than you realise?

Financial Advisor Jobs in Newspaper.Free recruitment advertising and services could be costing you much more than you’d ever imagine.

Services provided by DWP, Job Centres, word-of-mouth recommendations and postcards in local shops rarely result in finding the best employees in an effective way, although that’s not to say that the odd gem is never recruited by these methods.  The temptation is high to use free or cheap alternatives – especially if the roles have a high staff turnover or budget constraints are tight, such as with recruiting care and support workers.

Our experience has shown that employers often look at the cost of advertising without realising the value of the process as a whole – and they are often incurring very hefty costs in other areas as a direct result of their free, or cheap, choices.

Let’s have a look at how these costs can occur and stack up over time:

DWP / Job Centre 

This seems like an excellent choice at first.  There are advisors to assist, you can advertise freely and unlimited, and this is the place where those looking for work are at …. or is it?   In reality, advisors have targets to hit and are obliged to put anyone who shows an interest in a role forward.  Additionally, those in receipt of jobseekers allowance now have to prove they are applying for roles to continue to receive benefits. This results in employers having to sift, and respond to, sometimes large numbers of applicants who do not possess the requisite skills and experience necessary for the role.

The cost in terms of people hours wasted can run into thousands – especially if it is a manager who is taken away from their core role.

Word of mouth recommendation 

This can be an excellent way to recruit especially when your employees really understand your culture, the requirements of the role, and the professional capabilities of the person they are recommending.   It can also lead to nightmare scenarios and problems that will then potentially affect two or more of your employees if everything goes wrong.

Employers and business owners often forget to cost in the time spent by management, and others, who have to get involved in recruitment.  They also overlook the costs associated with positions remaining vacant over a period of time.  These can include:

  • Existing staff feel over-worked when understaffed – this leads to increased sickness and absenteeism
  • Increased staff turnover
  • Reduced revenues – you cannot provide the services without the staff
  • Damage to reputation – when people see the same roles, for the same company, time and again they assume the worst!

These are some of the reasons why we came up with the Recruit123 advertising options, which are perfect for companies that don’t need an agency but do need to reach the right people and get experienced carers on-board.

Take a look at the advertising packages we have available on our website for more information, or call 01902 907123 where one of our team can help with an effective solution for just £295 (or less if you like our Volume Value packages!).

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