Is is time for a post-holiday staff stock-take?

staff stock take
(no not sock take…)

As the summer holiday season draws to a close and back-to-school syndrome signals the easy drive into work is now over, have you recently taken a good look at your workforce to see if it could do with an overhaul?

We all expect to be short-staffed and covering one another’s jobs during holiday periods, but this can all too easily become a way of life.  Over-stretching staff isn’t good for the business, the workers, the owners or the customers.  Missed deadlines, rising stress levels and short-fuse tempers will undoubtedly lead to a demoralised workforce.

So what can you do if you recognise the need for extra staff, but feel that conventional recruiting using an agency is beyond your budget, plus you need a swift turnaround time?  Recruit 123 offers a service which could be right up your street!  Online recruitment advertising allows top talent to be attracted to your business but at a low cost solution by using these simple steps:

123bullets-1Optimised advert creation
Getting the advert right will attract just the people you are looking for.  We will professionally write your advert, including all the right keywords allowing it to rank high on online recruitment sites;  in turn it will be seen by the best candidates and encourage them to apply.

123bullets-2Four-week advertising campaign
We will simply save you time and money on recruitment advertising!  With single-insert recruitment adverts in the local newspaper costing anywhere between £120 and £6,000 you will have extended coverage for way less cost.  Our trained recruitment sales executives will closely monitor the campaign throughout the 4-week period and keep in contact with you on its progress.

123bullets-3Leading UK job boards
We only advertise on leading UK job boards including Reed and Total Jobs, guaranteeing maximum exposure for your campaign.  We will forward applications from candidates on a weekly basis (or more frequently if required).

Should you need extra services to assist you with applicant selection, we can also offer initial candidate screening, which is useful for positions where high volume applications are expected.  This package gives the chance to have CV’s sifted and screened by our recruiters before the cream of the crop are passed on to our clients.  Plus the time consuming writing and distribution of regret letters/emails is taken care of.  All this at an attractive added cost to the basic package.

If any of this sounds of interest you then call either Charl or Kate – our Recruitment Sales Executives – on 01902 907123 for a friendly chat about the services we can offer.

All details of the Recruit 123 advertising packages can be found on

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