Growing Your Own Talent

R123 Growing TalentThis week is National Apprenticeship Week which made us think about training and development in general, and the benefits that companies can reap from growing their own talent. 

From a Recruiters’ perspective, an organisation that will consider investing time in developing an entry level trainee, or an experienced professional from another industry sector, puts themselves at a distinct advantage against those that are seeking a ready-formed expert with stringently specified experience.  Often, the best candidates are chosen based on aptitude and attitude, as there is little that cannot be trained and instilled in the right person…but attitude can rarely be learned!

We appreciate there are times when it is imperative that a candidate can “hit the ground running” but, quite often, this can be a false economy. The best person for the job, in practice, may be overlooked for somebody who can demonstrate experience within the sector. This may present itself in obvious ways: industry-experienced individuals can move from business to business, taking client portfolios with them, for salary increases; candidates whose actual performance, despite their experience, doesn’t measure up to expectations (or, at best, provides mediocre results); or individuals who are so set in their ways that they respond poorly to innovation and changes in the market.  The not-so-obvious ways include: missing out on candidates that would have brought about significant innovation and progression by applying knowledge learned in other industries; the increased motivation provided by serving a new challenge to an enquiring mind; the opportunity for exposure to far wider potential markets if not fixating on simply converting competitor users.

Training and development of existing staff also has far-reaching benefits, not least of all by improving productivity and profitability.  Numerous studies, conducted over decades across all industries, indicate that improvements are made in:

  • Job satisfaction & morale
  • Motivation
  • Capacity to adopt new technologies & methods
  • Innovation in strategy & products
  • Company image
  • Staff retention

Recruitment costs are reduced by retaining staff and by attracting the best candidates when vacancies are available.  Productivity and profitability are driven by maintaining a team that knows what to do, how to do it best, and are invested in really wanting to do it well, for the good of a company that supports and invests in them.

We have had some success with recruiting apprentices but found that the candidates sent by training providers and the National Apprenticeship portal were few and far between and not always of the calibre we were seeking.  So, we simply used our own recruitment advertising campaigns to attract the candidates and then put the successful ones through a National Apprenticeship.  If you’re considering employing an apprentice, and want to ensure the best choice of person while keeping costs down, you should try our £295 recruitment advertising package.  Call Recruit123 on 01902 907123, where one of the team will be happy to help, or visit for more information.

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