How to know when to outsource your recruitment and when to do it yourself


We work with clients of all shapes and sizes through our Recruit123 advertising campaigns and have found some things work better than others.  One of the advantages we have is that we are experienced professional recruiters and not online marketers.

This means that we know how to run successful end-to-end recruitment processes as well as create successful candidate attraction campaigns.

We’ve simply enabled our clients, that don’t want or need to use a recruitment agency, to access the advertising tools used by professional recruiters at an affordable price.

So, when does the Recruit123 solution work best?

1.  If you have the time, skills and experience to handle the full recruitment process from interview to offer management and engagement but just want a better way to attract candidates in the first place.

2.  If you have an internal recruitment team who need a more cost-effective, comprehensive and coherent suite of advertising solutions (rather than random acts of advertising in reaction to vacancies).

3. If you frequently recruit for positions that do not require specialised skills or experience…or high volume campaigns for larger increases in headcount.

4.  If you are very restricted by budget (especially micro & SME businesses) but can make a good fist of recruitment if you get some friendly advice to point you in the right direction.

When Recruit123 might not be the best idea you’ve ever had!

1.  If you are recruiting for a very high level, niche specialist skill set, or hard-to-fill category in a sector experiencing skills shortages.

2.  When you cannot afford to take time out of your business, or role, to dedicate to recruiting well.

3.  When, quite frankly, you haven’t got a clue how to construct a good, successful recruitment process… from timescales, to knowing what you should/can/can’t say at interviews.

If the latter describes your situation please call our sister company, Recruit Recruit, on 01902 763006 where one of the team will be happy to help you.

If you’re in the former camp then please call Recruit123 now on 01902 907123 to find out about our fixed cost packages that start from just £295….with no placement fees!

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