What are the ‘Dog Days of Summer’?

Dog Days of Summer 3

When Florence and the Machine sang ‘Dog Days Are Over’ did you ever question the title enough to find out exactly what they were singing about?

If you did ask Google you’ll probably have discovered that ‘dog days’ are actually an astronomical event occurring between mid-July and mid-August (varies depending on location), rather than the commonly held belief that it refers to this period of sultry, oppressively hot weather when dogs are too hot to do anything but laze around and be mildly bad-tempered.

The actual explanation, which dates from ancient Greek and Roman times, is that during this approximate 40-day period the star Sirius (represented by a dog in mythology) rose and set with the sun.  This lead to the belief that the combined energies of the sun and Sirius made this time of year unbearably hot, hence ‘days of the dog star’ which has since become more commonly known as the ‘dog days of summer’.

Furthermore, this intense heat would see dogs becoming wild and crazy (most likely rabid) and humans listless and lethargic due to the soaring temperatures.  The Greeks and Romans also attributed this hottest time of the year to a period when fever, catastrophe, war or disaster could occur.

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