Introducing Recruit 123 Prime

R123PrimeIntroducing Recruit 123 Prime 

We can now offer the opportunity to upgrade your recruitment package to give you targeted, paid-for Facebook advertising.  This is in addition to your regular social media campaign which is already included in your chosen package.

Paid-for advertising targets candidates who may not be actively looking for a career change and ordinarily may not see your job ad.  These passive candidates will have been identified as having an interest in, or are already working in, your sector.

This has proven to be a successful way to recruit for those hard-to-fill roles and for just an extra £27.50 on top of your £295 or £595 package.

Why is targeted advertising successful when attracting candidates?

  • 80% of UK online users have a Facebook account
  • And 80% of these check in at least daily – mainly due to widespread use of smart phones – few other social media platforms offer such an audience
  • Precise location targeting is easy – postcodes, cities, counties or countries
  • Facebook knows everything you like, post online, your interests, your occupation
  • Passive candidates – those not actively looking for a career change – can be sourced
  • It is cost effective – a small budget goes a very long way.

For a no-obligation chat about upgrading to Recruit123 Prime, give Charlotte a call on 01902 907123.

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