Thank you for your loyalty – our biggest offer ever!

Thank you - our biggest offer ever!As a thank you for your custom Recruit123 is offering our existing clients our biggest reduction ever.  Get a whopping 20% off your next Recruit123 package and the credit is valid until 30th June 2018.  This means you can benefit even if you don’t have any immediate vacancies. 

We know you’ve seen the adverts where Sky/Virgin/TalkTalk etc make incredible deals available for new customers.  Packages a fraction of the price you’re currently paying.  Well, this really gets on our nerves and we think that loyalty should be rewarded first.  As a business we know we need to attract new clients.  We’ll be running an end of year sale for them too.  But they will not have access to the 20% discount offered to you.

We want you to feel valued… because you are.  We want you to look back on your relationship with us and see that you’ve been treated fairly, and well.  We want to hear you shout “Hooray!  Somebody who recognises my contribution to their success!”

So, only for you, the £295 package is just £236 and the £595 package is just £476.

You’ve already seen how the Recruit123 advertising packages can work for your business and help you reach a wider audience of potential applicants.  You’ve already secured some top talent for your business, some on more than one occasion. You’ve already taken advantage of the great value for money offered through our greater buying power and access to recruiter rate cards.  Now you can get even better value for money. How?  I hear you cry.

It’s really simple:

  1. Call Charlotte, on 01902 907123, to purchase your advertising credit(s) before 15th December 2017 (or email
  2. Pay your discounted invoice within 7 days (our usual terms)
  3. Contact Charl with vacancy details before 30th June 2018 to get your campaign underway

This is a great way to save money now if you’re likely to recruit in the first half of 2018.


  • Payment must be received within 7 days of date of invoice for discount to be valid
  • Credit must be used by 30th June 2018
  • Payments are not refundable if not used
  • Limited to 5 credits per client
  • Credits purchased after 15th December 2017 will be invoiced at full price

Start 2018 with a boost to your recruitment budget.  Don’t delay.  Call today!
Call Charl on 01902 907123.

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