Recruit123 Features & Benefits

What are the key features and benefits of using Recruit123 Advertising Packages?

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Where we advertise:
  • Online job boards
  • Social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
Reaching a wider audience where active & passive candidates are.  People are simply not using the newspapers anymore.
  • Millions of candidates register here
  • First port of call for job seekers
  • Clients benefit from our discounted recruiter rate cards.
  • You have access to millions of people, targeted to geographic locations.
Simple process
Easy as 1-2-3
  • Choose the best suited package: £185, £295, £595, or Volume Value
  • Send us the job description and book a campaign
  • You receive CVs direct to your inbox daily or weekly
Long form copy
Job boards have the capacity for much higher word count than newspaper advertising.
  • This means we add more job specification information to attract more people with the relevant experience and qualifications
  • This also allows us to write in a style that can use appropriate language to appeal to certain behavioural types rather than short, bland sentences to keep costs down.
Copy professionally written – you provide the job specification, we write the advert
Saves time plus:
  • Our copy writers are professional recruiters with a good understanding of what include in an advert.
  • We also understand how to use keywords and phrases to best exploit the algorithm patterns, and candidate search phrases, used on the job boards.
Collate & send CVs
All applicant CVs are sent directly to your inbox on a daily or weekly basis.
  • You are better able to manage your time as you will not be distracted by individual alerts each time somebody applies.
  • Instead, you will receive the CVs in one bulk email so that you can deal with them at the time you have scheduled into your day/week to handle the recruitment process.
Easy upgrade to initial screening service
Still as easy as 1-2-3
  • If you have a large volume of responses or are struggling to find the time to screen, and respond to, applicants you can upgrade to the £595 package.
  • This means that we screen out the unsuitable candidates and send them rejection correspondence.
  • This leaves you with time to respond to the most suitable candidates and get them in for interview quickly.
Volume value
Saves money if you recruit regularly
  • If you advertise more than 5 roles per year you can access even greater discounts and value. Speak to Karen for more details.
  • Companies purchasing 100+ adverts for the year pay just £95 per credit.
Access to professional advice & guidance
Our Team has 20 years’ experience working in recruitment and are at hand through every stage of your campaign.
  • So, we have advice and guidance available if you encounter problems.
  • This may be simply advice on current salary benchmarks or you may want some top tips on reducing interview no-shows or how to improve your internal recruiting processes.
No placement fees
Any candidates sourced through your R123 campaign are not subject to placement fees – even if you make multiple hires!
  • The price for the advert is all you pay – we have no other hidden costs! (Well, unless you want to bolt stuff on!)