Is December a good time to recruit?

A lot of my clients have been asking me this question recently. They need to recruit but don’t know if they will get a better response to an advertising campaign if they wait till the New Year.

Should I place an advert now, OR hold off?

As most of you know, recruitment is a funny old game. There is never that ideal time to recruit – unless the role is a seasonal one, then ok there might be a ‘best’ time of the year to place that advert. But most recruitment in general is pretty much – post an advert and let’s see if we can find/attract someone.

The difference to using an online recruitment advertising company like Recruit123 is simple – where most traditional recruiters/agencies close for the Christmas holidays – an online recruiter will not only have your advert running on the job boards, BUT will also be sharing the links to your adverts across Social Media – the WHOLE time you are closed!

Now, we’ve all been here before – right?

Some of us get that extra time off for Christmas. We eat, drink and be merry, until we couldn’t possibly have another sprout or mince pie – even if Granny begs us! Once all the presents have been opened and we have realised how MUCH money we have spent and time spent with the family (sigh) has been exhausted, most of us, would start to have a mooch online, to see if we can find that all so special job opening, to start the New Year with.

New Year = New Job!

So, my advice is this. Yes, December is a GREAT time to recruit. Especially if you have plans to take someone on in the New Year – January, February and even March.

Why would you want to miss out on all those SHINY new candidates?! Fresh for the picking!

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