The Timesaver

Package Includes:

1 – Everything within the budget advertising recruitment pack

  • optimised advert creation
  • 4-week advertising campaign
  • Links shared on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • listings on leading UK job boards


2 – Initial candidate screening

Our professional copywritten ad will attract lots of attention, which means you’ll receive lots of interest.  That’s great, right? But someone then has to trawl through the applications to find those most suitable for the role, and for your company.

By selecting this recruitment and screening package, that doesn’t have to be you!  We’ll cast our expert eye over all the CVs received so you only have to shortlist interviewees from a select few.

We don’t rely on software to do this, because a computer doesn’t always recognise potential! You can rely on our professional judgement as experienced recruiters to find you the cream of the crop.

3 – Writing and distribution of regret letters

After you’ve sorted through the mountain of applications, as a company you should respond to all applicants, including the unsuccessful candidates. We know it’s an extra job on the to-do list, but when people have taken an interest in your company, and the time to send in their CV, it really is the professional thing to do, as well as being just good manners.

We’re happy to take the strain, so add it to our to-do list instead!

We will write and send a polite and professional response on your behalf.



Recruit 123 accepts no liability or responsibility for any applicant subsequently employed by the client.

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