Welcome to the Fresh New Face of Recruit123!

Karen – Director

After successfully taking over Recruit123 as Owner/Director in early 2018, there were a few things that needed to be improved in the business for us to operate at our full potential.

Over the last 12 months I have been working very hard on these improvements.

There were 4 key identified areas.

1: We only had 2 packages to offer our clients. So, in August 2018, I introduced a new advertising package. Package 1 – The ‘Express Package’, which is a 2-week advertising campaign. This is aimed at companies needing a result fast, and it offers a solution to businesses that need to get the right person into their business quickly.

This came off the back of speaking to lots of clients who just asked the question – “Can you provide a quicker service?” – Yes, we can!

2: The service level was never right. We may offer a budget recruitment service, but it was important to me to offer our customers a 1st Class customer service experience too.

Since taking over the company I have collected a wealth of customer testimonials – and I am pleased to say that we know already that Recruit123 is on the right track!

We understand the direction we want to go in. We want to help as many companies across the UK attract TOP Talent into their business, for very little cost and effort to them.

Recruiting staff doesn’t have to be a difficult process OR an expensive one.

3: We have the name Recruit123 and it’s easy to see why most people confuse us with being a recruitment agency – when we’re not.

After all our hard work getting the business right, the need for the new logo was an obvious one. So, with the help of a top designer, we felt that adding the wording ‘advertising agency’ as part of the new logo design now lets people see that we are just that.

We wanted our new brand to be fresh, fun and friendly, with a professional feel to the business.

4: We needed to change how our clients received their CVs. Before taking over this business clients used to receive their CVs at the end of each week. From speaking to our customers we found some of our clients had lost candidates; and this really wasn’t good enough! So, we changed this immediately, giving all our customers the option to receive their CVs daily from the start of their campaign.

Our Future

We’ve already talked about helping as many companies across the UK with their recruitment needs; and we are continuously looking at ways to improve our service all the time. We listen to what our client’s needs are and offer a variety of solutions – just for them.

Anything is possible with Recruit123; just ask us the question, or tell us what you need.

Any vacancy, any sector – anywhere in the UK!

So, if you are fed up of using recruitment agencies, or the advert you placed in the newspaper didn’t go to plan, or you may have spent time trying to do it all yourself using the FREE resources, and it just didn’t get you the right result – we are here to help. Give us a call on: 01902 907123

We love speaking to people over the phone, but if you’d prefer to receive more information about our service by email, please contact: karen@recruit-123.co.uk

We are here to help you every step of the way. Here’s to an exciting 2019!

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